Baylight Counseling: Hurricane Irma Response


Dear Friends of Baylight Counseling,

As many of you are already aware, the State of Florida and Tampa Bay area are currently facing an imminent threat from Hurricance Irma. This storm is being called the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, Baylight Counseling faces an emergency funding scenario. We need your help.

As Executive Director of this ministry, I recognize that many if not most of our counselees will understandably choose to cancel their sessions in order to manage their own hurricane response plans. Unfortunately, this creates an immediate income emergency for Baylight Counseling.

As a husband and father, I also take note of the significant threat this storm poses to my family. For this reason, I have chosen to close Baylight for the next one week in order to evacuate my family, and give our counselees time to address their own safety needs.

I understand that many of you have already given to Baylight this year, or perhaps to another worthy cause (i.e. Hurricane Harvey relief). If you haven't previously given to Baylight, or if you have room in your giving budget, please consider helping us raise an emegency Hurricane Irma fund of $3,000.00. This amount will ensure that the ministry will surive the month of September, or until operations can resume.

We request that potential donors give securely online via our giving page. This will ensure that we receive gifts in a timely fashion.

Give to Baylight's Hurricane Irma Fund Here.

Thank you to everyone for prayerfully considering this urgent request. We pray that all of you who are in the path of this storm remain safe.

In Christ,

Joshua Waulk, MA

Executive Director

(727) 433-0682