Policy Statements

Baylight Counseling and its individual counselors voluntarily submit to the "Statement of Faith," and the "Standards of Conduct," as published by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. While no such humanly authored statement can exhaustively express biblical truth, we believe that these statements fairly represent what we hold to be true concerning biblical counseling.

These guiding theological and ethical statements serve the policies contained in the Baylight Counseling Intake Form, which preside over individual counseling relationships. Counselees are not required to submit to these statements in order to become clients of our ministry, but should understand that they represent the foundation and nature of our ministry of biblical soul care.

As an expression of love for our neighbor, no concessions will be made in order to accommodate a particular client's unbelief or rejection of the biblical doctrine or Christian ethics contained therein. Baylight Counseling reserves the right to clarify its doctrinal and ethical positions where uncertainty may exist by appealing to similar statements that are in keeping with orthodox Christian teaching (i.e. historic creeds and confessions).